Monday, February 20, 2012

Haircuts and Colors Throughout Time

Haircuts and Colors Throughout Time:  
Because my hair is getting frumpy and I need help planning my next move. 

    I can't attest to the statement that blondes have more fun.  I liked it red.  Why is deciding between long and short so much harder than deciding whether or not to drink a pint of Guinness in the sun?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Me or Leave Me

Like many things in life, my attitude toward work is "Love me or leave me."  If you like me, call me- I will work for you hard and honestly.  If you don't like me, don't call me.  Either way, I'm not going to kiss your ass.

I'm an event bartender at three different places.  I try to keep things simple.  I say how I feel and I mean it.  Perhaps this is a blessing and a curse?  If an employer wants me to be fourth on their list of people to call for an event where they need a bartender, I don't mind sloppy fourths.  However, I do mind when they try to front and act like I'm number one just to ensure that they can keep me around as number four.  I wish they would just be real so I could still find a way to respect them.

I'd say that about 90% of bartending is who you know and not what you know.  I'm ok with that.  It's worked both for me and against me.  Fair enough.  It doesn't mean that bartending is a brain-dead, easy job.  While fun, it is also physically and emotionally draining.  People get annoying when they're drunk.  Don't you?  We all do a little bit.  And the skill of working fast does get easier, but it's not as easy as it looks.  

Moving on to the positive.  Two out of my three event bartending jobs are awesome.  I am trusted, I have flexibility, I love everyone who I work with, and nobody tries to blow steam up my ass.  My bosses tell me exactly how many days a week, or a month that they need me, and they follow through.  I guess it would be too good to be true if all my jobs were like that?

My third job tells me they need me and then tells me they don't.  It doesn't bother me that they seek out other options first.  However, tooling me around all in the name of their own satisfaction is lame.   Telling me (or should I say lying) that they love me so much is even lamer.  I've been working in this industry way too long to be fooled.

Back to my attitude of love me or leave me.  This is how I feel, but my actions- judging by the fact that I still work for this third place- reflects an attitude more like, "I wish I could leave you."  The reality of financial dependency keeps me confined.  It's not like the 90s anymore where finding a job was easy.  In today's world loving two out of my three jobs seems "good enough."  Or is it?

It makes me wonder:  Is this how some people feel about their significant others?  They begin with an attitude of love me or leave me, and develop an attitude of "I think this is good enough."

Do some people feel dependent on their significant others for the sake of just having somebody, or for financial support?  Does society make them feel like there is something wrong with being alone?  Where is the cutoff- 25, 30 or 35?  Is the cutoff a manmade concept and bullshit?  Does everyone actually want to be with their significant others?  

Do some people only love 2/3 of who they are with, like I love 2 out of my 3 jobs, and again, is this "good enough?"  

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Come join!-  writers and artists sharing our work- this Saturday Feb. 11!

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